CEREC Dentistry

Same-day ceramic dental restorations (CEREC) in a single visit

CEREC Restoration (CAD/CAM)

CEREC is a cutting-edge technology that allows us to create custom restorations right here in our Sydney practice. CEREC uses computer-aided technology to convert a digital impression of your tooth into a ceramic tooth.

As a result, we can offer our patents a same-day treatment. This means our patients don’t have to wait weeks for restorations to come back from an external dental lab or require a follow-up appointment.

These durable teeth are a convenient alternative for patients with busy lives, eliminating the need for a second visit.

The benefits of CEREC

CEREC restorations are a fantastic way to achieve a beautiful smile; in less time than traditional methods.

The advantages of CEREC include:

  • Fast turnaround: With CEREC, you don’t need to wait for weeks for your tooth to be manufactured in a lab.
  • No moulds: Our advanced 3D imaging avoids the need to bite into messy moulds, providing a quick and clean way to create digital images of your teeth.
  • Greater accuracy: By utilising the latest technology, CEREC can reduce human error and ensure a perfect fit from your finished tooth.

What CEREC restorations can help with

CEREC provides our patients with a fast and convenient solution for getting their smile back to its best.

This treatment can be used to custom-make a range of ceramic restorations, including:

CEREC | Dental Crown

Dental crowns

A dental crown is a thin cap that sits over a damaged tooth to strengthen and protect it, as well as enhancing overall appearance.

CEREC | Dental Bridge

Dental bridge

A dental bridge fills the gap left by a missing tooth, providing the appearance and function of a real tooth.

These are made from a ceramic material and are attached to neighbouring teeth.

CEREC | Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin ceramic shells that are bonded onto the front of a pre-prepared tooth.

They can greatly improve the appearance of teeth and transform an entire smile.

CEREC | Dental Implant

Dental implants

Dental implants are manufactured teeth that are used to replace missing teeth. As the name suggests, they’re implanted directly into your gum and jaw, providing the look and functions of a natural tooth.

How do CEREC restorations work?

Using CEREC, your CBD Dental practitioner will take a 3D scan of your teeth in order to generate a 3D render of your tooth. They will then manipulate the imaging software in order to create a custom-made crown or other restoration.

The milling machine will then carve a ceramic block to create your tooth. For a more natural-looking finish, the tooth will be colour-matched to your existing teeth and provide a perfect fit for your mouth.

Your tooth is milled on-site and fitted by your dentist – all in a single visit.

If you’re looking for a highly effective solution to restore your smile and improve your self-confidence, contact CBD Dental and chat to our friendly team about CEREC same-day restorations.

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