Are Dental Implants a Good Option?

If you’ve lost a tooth or are concerned about the appearance of your teeth you may be wondering what to do about tooth replacement or improving your smile. You may have considered a number of different solutions, including dental implants, teeth whitening or veneers and found the information confusing. It is certainly prudent to carefully weigh up the pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry options before proceeding – but don’t delay your decision indefinitely, especially if you have lost a tooth.

Some of the implications of losing a tooth are obvious: there’s not only a visible gap in your smile, but your choice of foods is limited if you have trouble chewing food. Less obvious are the unseen consequences of losing a tooth. The area of jawbone close to the missing tooth may weaken and erode and the weakness may spread along the jawbone, to the detriment of previously healthy teeth.

Leaving the gap unfilled, or filling the gap with artificial teeth in the form of a denture or bridge, does nothing to avert this bone loss. Dental implants, however, replace both the roots and the crowns of teeth: dental implants don’t just fill the gap, their artificial tooth roots bond with the jawbone and may help to generate healthy bone tissue.

Doing nothing is certainly one of the options available to you. However if you want to take some action that may benefit your long-term dental health, call today for an appointment to find out if dental implants are an appropriate solution for you.

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