Sleep Dentistry

Allowing nervous patients to visit the dentist with sleep dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

While many people feel a little apprehensive about undergoing dental treatment, for some people this fear is debilitating – and can result in them avoiding the dentist altogether.

Sedation – or sleep dentistry – can be an extremely beneficial way of allowing nervous patients to visit the dentist without anxiety or stress, allowing them to receive the dental care and treatment they need in comfort.

What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry involves the use of medication to help you feel fully relaxed during your dental procedure. There are different levels of sedation to suit different types of patients:

  • Minimal sedation: You will remain conscious, but completely relaxed.
  • Moderate sedation: You will be conscious enough to respond to the clinical staff, but you will not have a clear memory of your treatment.
  • Deep sedation: You are on the edge of consciousness, but can still be awakened.
  • General anaesthesia: The medication is administered through an IV and you are completely unconscious during your entire procedure.

Please note, a full medical evaluation will be necessary for higher levels of sedation to rule out any complications or interactions.

How does sleep dentistry work?

The expert dentists at Sydney’s CBD Dental can administer a range of sedation options to help our patients enjoy maximum comfort and minimal stress during their visit to our state-of-the-art dental practice.

We also have a qualified anaesthetist to administer moderate to high levels of sedation.

Sleep Dentistry

Minimal inhaled sedation

This involves the use of laughing gas; the gas is inhaled through a mask placed over your nose and will help you feel relaxed. The amount of sedation is carefully controlled by your dentist and will wear off quickly once it stops being administered.

This is a safe form of sedation for most patients and you’ll be able to drive home safely following your dental procedure.

Sleep Dentistry

Oral sedation

With oral sedation, you’ll feel relaxed and free of anxiety, while still remaining awake. Your dentist will customise your oral sedation based on your individual needs.

This form of sedation requires a prescription and is usually taken one hour prior to your procedure.

Sleep Dentistry

IV sedation


Our qualified anaesthetist will administer your sedation through an IV drip, enabling the medication to work more quickly and last throughout your procedure.

This method allows the level of sedation to be continually adjusted to ensure your comfort at all times.

Deep sleep

Administered through an IV drip by our qualified anaesthetist, deep sedation will involve you being almost or completely unconscious (deeply asleep) during your dental procedure.

While you are under sedation, you cannot be easily awakened until the effects of the anaesthesia have worn off or are reversed by medication.

Please note, for all types of oral and IV sedation, you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home from your dental appointment. 

Regardless of which type of sedation is used, a local anaesthetic will still be administered to relieve pain if the procedure could cause any discomfort.

Routine dental treatment

At CBD Dental, we offer a range of sedation options to help you enjoy a relaxed and comfortable experience throughout your time with us.

Our friendly team is experienced in assisting anxious patients and will be happy to discuss how we can assist to make your visit as pleasant as possible, whether for a simple procedure or more complex dental treatment.

If dental anxiety is holding you back from receiving the dental treatment you need, the caring team at CBD Dental can help you find a solution that allows you to enjoy a relaxed, comfortable and pain-free dental experience.

Contact us now to find out more about our safe and effective sleep dentistry options.

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