Dr Nadine Samir

Dr Nadine Samir

Dr Nadine Samir

Dr Samir completed her Dental degree in 1987 at Sydney University and graduated with the prize for Proficiency in Orthodontics. She has practiced dentistry in several locations in Sydney and Canberra before settling at CBD Dental in 1995. In this world class, centrally located facility, Dr Samir has developed her ideal practice based around three core values.

Our most rewarding feedback has been having a number of patients liken a visit to our practice to that of a 5 star hotel.

Dr Nadine Samir


For Dr Samir, a dentist’s main role is care of their patients. This encompasses not only treatment of dental issues but doing so with the highest degree of compassion, always providing a comfortable environment and the latest standard of treatments. Dr Samir puts much time and effort into understanding each patient’s concerns and has invested much time in learning about pain-free methods  of delivering treatment.


Dr Samir is committed to providing her patients with the best dental care. This involves keeping abreast of the latest treatments and techniques which are continuously developing, as well as carrying out this treatment with a high degree of skill and an eye for aesthetics. Dr Samir’s education in dentistry will thus be ongoing as long as she is in practice. She has also formed a network with some of Sydney’s best specialists and ceramists to offer her patients an overall excellent outcome.


Dr Samir has focused her team on making each patient feel  the care and excellence that they aim to provide, whether new to the practice or a long term patient. Her own very genuine nature shines through every interaction with patients and staff alike. Our most rewarding feedback has been having a number of patients liken a visit to our practice to that of a 5 star hotel.


CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics. Crowns, veneers and inlays that used to take two or more visits to the dentist can now be completed in one visit using state of the art CAD/CAM technology. Patients no longer have to go through the process of having a dental impression made, then having a temporary crown inserted, and then waiting for the final crown or inlay to be made in a lab and finally fitted. Teeth that are a little too small, large or have an uneven surface can also be repaired using CEREC.


Dental veneers can be thought of as contact lenses for your teeth, as they consist of very thin coats of durable porcelain materials that are applied over the patient’s natural teeth. Veneers may be recommended for a variety of conditions. For example, some people have chipped, crooked, broken or otherwise damaged teeth whose appearance can improve after having dental veneers fitted. In other cases, veneers are chosen for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons, to improve the look of excessively separated or uneven teeth.


A white smile is often considered to be a sign of a good health and an attractive asset. Unfortunately, as time goes by our teeth can become discoloured or stained by habits like smoking, drinking coffee, or consuming excessive alcohol. The ageing process and the consumption of certain medications can also cause the teeth to lose their natural colour.


A crown is a cap that is placed over a tooth in order to restore it. Crowns are used to repair teeth that are chipped, cracked or damaged in some way. A crown can also be fitted for cosmetic reasons. If a tooth is misshapen or discoloured, a crown can be placed over it to give the tooth a more attractive shape, or to make it appear whiter. A patient who is getting a crown will first meet with the dentist who will take a mold of the patient’s tooth, so that the crown can be made to fit the patient perfectly. The patient will then return to the dentist, on another day to fit the crown on the tooth and seal it in place. Having a dental crown fitted is a fairly simple, and painless procedure, which can improve your dental health.


Dental implants are one of the most common interventions carried out at leading dental practices around the world and the most enduring way to replace lost teeth. In recent years, implants have become a popular alternative to dentures, both for aesthetic and for practical reasons. Since the fitting of dental implants requires surgery, it is understandable that some patients may feel a bit apprehensive about undergoing the whole procedure. If you have been recommended dental implants as the most suitable alternative, make sure you discuss your concerns with Dr. Samir.


One of the best ways to avoid painful and costly tooth trouble arising is through proper oral hygiene, with regular yearly trips to a dentist who can assist with advice and an expert professional opinion. Dr. Samir’s team will be able to provide high-end oral hygiene care as well as inform and guide your oral hygiene regimen.

Just a little extra care each day can assist in the well-being of both our mouths and our general health. A build-up of plaque, for instance, can stop saliva fighting tooth decay. Gingivitis is another common problem and if recognised early by the dentist or hygienist the costly and uncomfortable results of long-term gingivitis can be avoided.

A regular yearly check-up and clean is an investment in your future oral health. Call our practice today for an oral hygiene treatment in the comfort of our city practice.


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State of the Art Infection Control CBD Dental was one of the first Practices to keep a tracking log book on every batch of instruments used… this was acknowledged by the then Dental Board of New South Wales on the highest quality of infection control process used at CBD Dental. Infection Control Barriers are placed on all items that come…



  State of the Art CADCAM Technology: The Principals at CBD Dental utilise the latest equipment whereby Porcelain Crowns and Inlays are fabricated and fitted in one visit. No uncomfortable impressions, no temporary crowns or fillings and no second visit!!

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging

State of the Art Digital Imaging Technology: With the Imaging Equipment at CBD Dental, diagnosis and Treatment Planning are carried out to the highest degree of accuracy and precision.  



State of The Art Practice Infrastructure: Our business models and practice management allow us to carry out our clinical dentistry with maximum convenience and comfort to our patients…starting with a highly efficient Appointment Scheduling System which allows us to allocate the appropriate amount of time for each procedure with the doctors and team members, thereby respecting your valuable time as…