Emergency Dentistry

If your teeth are giving your grief, or you’ve suddenly developed a painful abscess, then you may need the services of our Emergency Dentist in Sydney CBD. Our clinic offers emergency dental services for a variety of ailments including a chipped or broken tooth, emergency root canals, and issues relating to impacted wisdom teeth.Our friendly Sydney City Emergency Dentist knows how unpleasant a cracked tooth, lost filling or infection can be, which is why we provide emergency services designed to help manage your emergency dental condition. By seeking emergency care you may be able to do away with that throbbing pain, or to treat a severely damaged tooth. Doing so sooner rather than later may be able to prevent further issues from presenting themselves.

Our Emergency Dentist in Sydney City offers standard and cosmetic dentistry treatments  If you’ve lost or severely damaged a tooth, you may be interested in taking some additional steps to improve your smile once you’ve finished with your emergency treatment. Dental veneers and dental implants may be an option that interests you, while teeth whitening is a popular choice for those seeking to obtain a whiter, brighter smile.

If you’re struggling to handle a toothache or a problem with your wisdom teeth, or if you’ve been in an accident that has damaged your teeth, then it’s in your interests to make an appointment with our Emergency Dentist in Sydney CBD. We’re happy to take your call, so get in touch to make an appointment as promptly as you can.

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